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Why We Do

Smartphone is a new Social trend. People are moving away from TVs to Personal Computers and Internet in the last decade, and now people are moving away from Personal Computers to Smartphones. 80% of Internet users are Smartphone users[1]. Global number of Mobile users has surpassed Global number of Personal Computer users in 2014[2]. In other words, an average person may not have a Laptop, but that person should have a smartphone.

Within Smartphone usage time, App usage time is prominent. According to a study[3] in 2014, 89% of their users spend time on Mobile App version, versus the other 11% spending time on Mobile Web version. It would prove the importance of having a Mobile App to maintain one’s presence in its users’ perception.

Publishers, Ecommerce players, Service providers and other companies are making an effort to go on Mobile. However, not everyone of them are successful with their Mobile strategies, especially those in new and emerging markets.


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[2] Comscore’s statistics
[3] Nielsen’s study

What We Do

To serve Mobile App strategies of the above-mentioned organizations, Smartdatics is providing skills from engineers with experience in Multi-national Companies in Japan and Singapore, where quality is highly regarded and latest technologies are being used. We are also implementing best practices from well-known Development Methodologies to serve our clients to their satisfaction.

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