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What we do

  • Web Development

    Website is your company's new strategic branding move? We are here to help.

  • Mobile Development

    An average person may not have a Laptop, but that person should have a smartphone. Smartdatics will bring you to Mobile.

  • System Development

    Technical advancements opened up new possibilities. Let's take the lead or you will be left behind.


Where we focus

  • Education

    Education is for the future. We optimize the education system for a better future.

  • E-commerce

    Many people are doing E-commerce. Not everyone of them can survive the competition. We know what big E-commerce players, the ones that survived, were using.

  • News

    News & Media companies are doing good. They can do better. Much better.

  • Healthcare

    Healthcare makes this world a better place by helping people. Our passion is to let Healthcare help even more people.

Featured clients

About us

Who we are

Smartdatics is co-founded & managed by a strong team of professionals graduated from top Universities in Singapore: National University of Singapore (ranked World’s 12th, Asia’s 1st in 2015/16 QS Ranking), Nanyang Technological University (ranked World’s 13th in 2015/16 QS Ranking), Singapore Management University, Singapore Institute of Management. They have working experiences with multinational corporations (MNCs) from Japan, Norway and France…Continue Reading