Why We Are Here

Digital Age with the presence of Internet is overflowing with information and knowledge. For individuals living in this Age, Independent learning has become an essential part within Pedagogical environment. Students should be constructing their own knowledge instead of having teachers hand it to them.

Technological advancements in the last few decades brought forward new capabilities and possibilities, hence pedagogical entities are able to provide much better equipment to support students’ independent learning.

Pioneering Schools and Universities have been utilizing technologies to enhance the quality of their services over each and every individual. Schools have been creating interactive and more interesting lessons to catch students’ attention and deliver information more effectively. World’s top Universities have been making online courses open for everyone to open up their education materials thus increase their reputation and ranking. Pedagogical entities have been using technologies to optimize their operations and save time for students and staffs.

What We Could Help

In order to help Universities, Schools and other pedagogical entities to improve their technical infrastructure, Smartdatics is offering technical implementations of the following services:

  • Student Database Management
  • Module Registration
  • Job Posting
  • Forum
  • Online Examination Registration
  • Online Courses

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